Q What length of nails do I need to have gel?

A You can have any length of nails to have gel. If the nails are completely bitten, gel can still be applied and will help to protect the nails for future natural healthy growth. Depending on individual growth rate, within 6 weeks you will have regular length natural nails.

Q Do Nail Vision use glue on tips?

A No, most definitely not! Nail Vision use gel to sculpture the extension of the nails, creating a very natural looking nail.

Q What length of nails do I need to have Bio Sculpture Gel Extensions?

A As long as there is at least a tiny area of the white part of the nail showing, the nails will be long enough to extend. Extensions should ideally never be longer than 50% of the natural nail bed, as catching the nails could result in trauma to the nail plate affecting future natural nail growth.

Q Can I go swimming with Bio Sculpture Gel nails?

A Yes you can, it shouldn’t affect the nails.

Q What do I do if I have damaged one or more of my nails before my infills are due?

A This rarely happens as Bio Sculpture Gel Nails are very strong but if you are unfortunate to damage one, then you should book an appointment to have it repaired before you are tempted to pick off the gel causing further damage to the nail.

Q How long will my Bio Sculpture Gel Nails last?

A Depending on your lifestyle, for hands the first application lasts 2 to 3 weeks and for feet it usually lasts 4 to sometimes 6 weeks!
If infill’s are done after this time, the nails should last a further 2 to 3 weeks for hands and a further 4 to 6 weeks for feet!

Q Can I have Bio Sculpture Gel Nails as a one off for a special occasion or holiday?

A Yes of course you can! You just have the Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Service for your holiday or special occasion and then come in to the salon to have them soaked off as and when you wish, usually around 3 weeks after application.

Q When is Nail Vision open?

AAppointments are very flexible. Most people’s requests for day, evening or weekend appointments can be accommodated, just call to discuss your requirements.